Luxury hideaway in a Mallorcan island paradise

The Finca Sonrisa is a cornucopia of the good life. A stylish clubhouse ambience created from a combination of subtle luxury and the cool, laid-back spirit of the 1920s. A private oasis with plenty of space and (probably) the longest fitted kitchen in Mallorca!


Island idyll far away from crowds

Far away from the main tourist routes, you will find the authentic face of the island – of the other, the real Mallorca: picturesque towns, quiet walking trails and fragrant orange groves. Your constant companion: Mallorca’s spectacular natural scenery, which leaves you speechless with amazement and delight.


Choreographies for enjoyment

The Finca Sonrisa is a place for pleasure-seekers: The “floating” bar unit is a masterpiece, light effects and (Burmester) sound create virtuoso choreographies for memorable holiday moments, while the 10-metre-long fitted kitchen turns joint cooking sessions into a special occasion – both indoors and outdoors.

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