Rugged, sensuous beauty

Away from the tourism hotspots, the largest of the Balearic islands is a place of wonderful tranquility, contrasts and friendly people. Along the coast, rugged cliffs alternate with picturesque bays that are ideal for swimming, and breathtaking paths with peaceful terraced gardens with panoramic views. Walkers and cyclists on quiet trails find vantage points with amazing views of the glittering sea. The fishing villages are abuzz with talk in the little harbours, while the boats rock contently against the buoys, and in the evening tempting aromas of freshly fried fish fill the air.

In the interior, small monasteries slumber on high plateaus, radiating a contemplative tranquillity that is hard to resist, and the rugged mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana form an archaic backdrop to rows of fragrant orange trees and the fertile Mediterranean landscape of the lowlands. On market days, the squares of tranquil mountain villages become a lively stage for the Mallorcan way of life. The best thing to do here is to sit in one of the cafés, enjoy a café con leche and watch the world go by.

And then there is the splendid capital Palma de Mallorca with its charming squares, the beautiful Art Nouveau facades of the town houses and the magnificent La Seu Cathedral. The real Mallorca is full of surprises and secrets – in terms of culture, scenery and cuisine. But it only shows its true nature to those who really engage with the island and go there in a spirit of search – in search of tranquility, and the light and raw, sensuous beauty of this island. 

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Authentic island

The Finca Sonrisa is not far from the picturesque towns of Randa and Algaida in the heart of Mallorca. Far from the tourist hotspots, it is the ideal place to discover the true essence of the island: charming villages with their narrow streets paved in light natural stone, lively markets, friendly people and the unique play of colour and light of an archaic landscape. 

The region
Mallorca at night
Christmas magic
Plaça Major in Palma de Mallorca
La Seu